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Client Testimonials:

“I came into my coaching session with an open heart and mind.  I was looking for not only direction but also some validation.  I needed to feel like the path I was choosing was the right one and I wanted Aaron to confirm that.
What happened was so much better!  He showed me that I needed to take responsibility for my own choices and once I did that I could create whatever future I wanted.  One that I would absolutely be proud of.  I’ve done a fair share of therapy in my life, which has been hugely beneficial for me.  Of course that can be a slow and emotional process.   I honestly, looked at this coaching session in the same manner.  It was completely different though.  I was able to take what he showed me and apply it right then and there to a decision I’d been needing to make for weeks.  It was almost an instant change in my mind that left me moving forward and tackling more goals.  I left there with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools needed to keep that motivation!”

- Kelli B

“I have had the great fortune of having found some of the most skilled coaches to coach me. Honestly, I have worked with some of the world’s best. And I am including Aaron Nichols in that group. Outcome research consistently indicates that the most important variable in helping relationships (ie, coaching) that influences optimal results is relationship – the relationship between coach and client. And in my opinion, the variable that matters most in relationship is investment. Aaron pales to no one when it comes to choosing to be authentically invested in his clients’ success. He immerses himself in your world and his life becomes about yours. It’s beyond powerful. I spend my days helping people expand their worlds and the work I did with him expanded the hell out of mine. If you can get him to invite you to work with him – DO IT!”

Chris Dorris

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude for meeting Aaron and working with him when I needed guidance on how to best use my passions and abililites.  Through Aaron’s creative, inspiring and probing questions, my blog on Fatherhood and Autism issues was born.  To this end, I have increased my influence in the blogging world and continue to be inspired by Aaron’s own journey as he continues to help people on theirs.  He is a unique combination of giving warm and friendly guidance mixed with an action-oriented mindset that get results.  If you want to move ahead in your personal journey, please give him a call!”

Michael Wright

“Hey Aaron - I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to talk with you again at the coaching event. Thanks for all your sharing and openness. I really appreciate it. When you get that wooden table made – please post a pic.”

- Melissa Ford

“Aaron- I think the presentation went really well. I loved that you shared some of your own history and struggles and you did a great job of explaining what coaching is all about. Reading your blog, it is easy to see the intensity and thought you put into your posts. Remember, your message is crucial and people need to hear it. You might not reach everyone, some people are unable or unwilling to open their minds, but the people you reach won’t look at their lives the same way again. Keep it up!”

- Sara B.

“I thought the speech was great! Never question that “gut” feeling you have:) ….someone taught me (you know the one who said she came into my life and turned it upside down:)???) to look past all the stuff we are “supposed” to do and question WHY we do all the things we do. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go figuring all of it out, but have loved the changes that I have made. Coaching, in any form, is valuable and sometimes we just need that person to come in and help us question “why”?”

- Tanya L.

“Your message on commitment was what I needed to hear today! Changes are coming!”

- Janet P.

“The results are in….drum roll….196 pounds on New Years Eve! ‘Batman’ is no longer ‘Fatman’ (see picture)! I couldn’t stand seeing my Wii character looking like Santa Claus for so long! I haven’t seen sub-200 in years – so a huge THANKS to my Weird for Good Coach and being a genuine and super friend! I wouldn’t have done it without you.”

Michael W.


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