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About Aaron

I’m 33 years old.

I live in Princeton, KS.

I have a wonderful fiance named Lindsay.

Roxy is my black dog.

In the spring of 2010, I purposely dropped an atom-bomb on my “normal” life. I had the good job with a nice salary. I had the big truck and all the toys. I had even become debt-free and found out that the only reason I was at work was because of ma’ bills. Without them, I didn’t feel any reason to be there anymore. A Man Searches for Meaning in his life… And not every choice is a step forward, but we can learn something valuable from them all.


THANKS for being You!

With My Love,


Aaron Nichols



Aaron Nichols’s work has always been about Making Something out of Nothing. Through his artistry and creative thinking, he started early with lots of drawing, crafting, and computers too, in his hometown of Ottawa, Kansas. This drive to create has been put to work ever since, solving the problems of customers, growing and expanding businesses, and promoting an array of organizations in the Kansas area as well as internationally.

His graphic designs, artwork and promotion, includes thousands of designs used in almost every format possible. In 15 years at the computer, his artwork has been printed in newspapers and magazines, on all types of apparel, die-cast as medallions, 3-D sculpted, posted as outdoor signage, uploaded as web-based artwork, and used as branding for companies and organizations of all kinds.

The hands-on world of small business is where one can wear many hats. Some of them Aaron has donned, are: Art Director, Marketing Consultant, Photographer, Network Technician, Product Developer, New Business Strategist and Web Developer among many others. In Aaron’s ten-years in the awards and recognition industry, he designed and helped to produce internationally known medals and awards, including clients such as, USA Swimming, USA Wrestling, USA Gymnastics, USA Track & Field and several US Olympic Trials events as well.

His lifestyle design exercises have gained him a unique perspective. His personal journey to complete debt-freedom in early 2010 has afforded Aaron extraordinary opportunities. Attending and graduating Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training in Nashville Tennessee, solidified his commitment to serving others by delivering financial peace through personal coaching. A life-long dream was fulfilled as a summer roadtrip across the western United States in 2010. On the road West is where his writing and blogging career was born (

Since a shift toward a customized lifestyle, he has poured himself into a constantly expanding library of personal knowledge in the fields of Life Transformation Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Current Technologies, and Spirituality. Aaron’s highly flexible and customize-able  working schedule allows opportunities to converse with clients and customer from his home office, continue his study and volunteer within the community.

Aaron is Vice-President of the Young Professionals of Franklin County, He serves as a Ruling Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church, he is a member of the Free Agent Academy, and member of Steve Chandler’s Coaching Prosperity School. Aaron not only offers trans-formative Coaching opportunities to his clients, but also receives the benefits of several coaches of his own.

To find out more about Aaron Nichols and his Coaching, Writing and Creative Consulting; he invites you to contact him. Connect directly, or please check out his websites listed below.

Aaron Nichols
102 Main, Princeton, KS

785-218-6134 – Find. Focus. Create. – Coaching and Creative Consulting – Weekly blog on Nichols’ “weird” lifestyle, and making “the Turn” into intentional living. – Follow along a 6,000 mile journey from Kansas to the Oregon Coast, to Southern California and back. You’ll find commentary on the beauty of God’s creations, Aaron’s powerful steps toward personal growth, and lots of pictures of his fuzzy road companion Roxy.

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