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” Coaching is about transformation.


It’s not about advice. Or tips. Or chatting with people. It’s not just a sympathetic ear, either, that’s just a tiny part of it.

Coaching is transformation.”

- Steve Chandler

“Addressing a wide range of issues, including work, finances, health, relationships, education, spiritual development and recreation, life coaching looks to close the gap between our dreams and the realities of our existence.”

- Dr. Nathaniel Braden

What areas of your life, organization or business would you like to make improvement in? What kind of breakthroughs are you looking to experience? In what ways would you like to see a real difference?

I invite you to explore these ideas. I certainly have been myself over the last several years. In certain areas, I’ve been able to make real progress. My finances, health, spiritual walk and professional aspirations have seen a grand transformation. One of the most powerful tools I’ve found to date, is the accountability relationship with someone you trust and who truly cares for your improvement.

I’m not 100% sure if I can help you attain the exact results you’re looking for, but I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

My personal areas of experience:

  • Habit Forming
    • Exercise – I went from a couch-potato to bicycling fanatic a few years ago. My self-confidence went up, as pounds of fat went down. I am a casual rider at this point, but understanding how important it is to incorporate exercise into our life, has never faded.
    • Beginning to express yourself creatively is a wonderful way to find your inner fire. I started my writing career at age 31, and it’s unleashed a wellspring of opportunity!
  • Habit Breaking
    • Smoke Freedom – I have enjoyed breathing clear air since quitting cigarettes in March of 2009
    • Soft-Drink Freedom – Releasing the need for Soda has been a great improvement to my health since March 2010
    • Alcohol Freedom – Today is one more day that I can do without alcohol in my life, that makes the most sober  9months in over half my life. Are you ready to take this step? Let’s talk.
  • Financial Freedom
    • I’ve worked personally with the Dave Ramsey teachings to become completely Debt-Free. Paying off everything, including my home in January of 2010 has opened up a new world of options for my life.
  • Crisis Counseling
    • When someone is experiencing deeply disturbing emotional loss or changes, it helps to have an advocate who has been through similar events. All of our families and lives involve turmoil, I can’t know if I can help your exact situation, but I invite the conversation about it, even if it’s really hard to discuss.













In April 2010, I attended and completed the Dave Ramsey Counselor Training Program. The straightforward financial coaching, I learned there, is based directly on a proven system, one that I personally used to become completely debt-free over 2 years ago. It was so awesome, so life changing to be out of the stress that money-mis-management can cause, that I made it a personal mission to help anyone who may want to find the same great feelings for themselves, and need someone to help them create their dreams.








*-Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training does not create an employment or an agency relationship or give any Counselor the right to speak for or bind Dave Ramsey or his company the Lampo Group, Inc., nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Dave Ramsey.


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